Published Sep 3, 2021
Johanis Ohoitimur James Krejci Jozef Richard Raco Yulius Raton Anselmus Jamlean Ignasius Welerubun Rafael Tanod


Strategic priorities are commonly implemented by both profit and non-profit institutions, but rarely employed by religious congregations. The congregation of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart (MSC), an institution in the Catholic Church, has undertaken an empirical study, using a combination of SWOT and fuzzy-Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) methodologies. Four strategies were employed. First, the strategy S-O (30.1%), aimed at intensifying and improving our human resources in order to enrich the lives of all our members. Second, we adopted the strategy S-T (25.8%) that focused on our Sacred Heart Spirituality to empower the fraternal community. Third, we adopted the strategy W-T (24.1%) that aimed at strengthening the Sacred Heart Spirituality throughout the entire MSC family. Finally, we used the strategy W-O (20.1%) in order to strengthen networking in the congregation while also revitalizing family ministry. A sensitivity analysis confirmed the SO alternative as the main strategy. Internally, the congregation is quite strong but more needs to be done to deepen the Sacred Heart Spirituality among all our members. The researchers recommend conducting further study of the congregation about how they perceive the MSC pastoral ministry and understand the vision.


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SWOT-fuzzy AHP, sensitivity analysis, MSC, strategic planning, Catholic, decision making


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