Why Simplify AHP?



Published Sep 19, 2016
William Adams Elena Rokou


AHP and ANP are very well developed mathematical theories with many practitioners, so why should anyone research methods to simplify the process? We believe there are many reasons to search for simplifications.

Our goal is to find ways to make AHP simple and within reach of everybody without any need of specific knowledge by converting AHP from a sophisticated mathematical decision making method to an everyday tool to make quick and informed decisions on almost any subject we can think of. The downside will be loss of precision and accuracy, but we are not usually more precise when deciding without any method at all. That does not mean that for complex problems we will not use the full extent of the method but that in everyday and relatively simple models we do not really need to go to the full method. It seems like using a fighter jet to cross the street when all you need to do is walk (sure it will work, but you will spend the next 6 months in training learning how to fly the thing).


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Decision making, AHP, MCDA

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