Published Sep 19, 2016
Ankur Das Santanu Das


In today’s highly competitive market, organized supply chain management strategy is required by any manufacturing organization to ensure success in both a quantitative and qualitative manner. In order to obtain green manufacturing or a Green Supply Chain Management system, the suppliers should play an important role. Green manufacturing has an impact on inventory also. This paper describes the supplier selection model using a hybrid AHP-TOPSIS technique related to a pump manufacturing industry that intends to enhance Green Purchasing of inventory items. Different criteria that have a good impact on inventory and the environment are considered for supplier selection. First, the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) is used to determine the weight of each criterion, and then the TOPSIS algorithm is applied to optimally select the supplier. In this work, the ranking of suppliers has effectively chosen the selection of an appropriate supplier maintaining a green supply chain management (SCM) system.


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Green manufacturing, supply chain management, green SCM, supplier selection, pump manufacturing industry, green inventory, AHP, TOPSIS, hybrid AHP-TOPSIS

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