Our World is Moving from Fragmentation to Integration



Published Jul 23, 2013
Thomas L. Saaty


Our world today is more and more moving from fragmentation to integration becoming better unified and interactive in its economics, information sharing, travel, diplomacy, and in medical knowledge and instruments and the importance of health care and even in waging wars. There is more freedom for individuals to express themselves. It is by having a one world view that we will be able to make the best decisions. As more people express themselves, they need a way to make decisions together.  Conflicts can be resolved rationally and peacefully if concessions can be traded off and by using the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) which allows for the measurement of intangibles alongside tangibles better decisions can be made about the tradeoffs.



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analytic hierarchy process, AHP, analytic network process, ANP, measuring intangibles anp

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