Published Mar 9, 2023
Mohamed Akhrouf Mahfoudh Derghoum


This article aims to develop a methodology in which alternative projects are prioritized and selected using appropriate methods of multi-criteria decision-making in organizations responsible for managing and developing health infrastructure. This study addresses a particular gap in implementing a systematic methodology for prioritizing and selecting projects in the health sector. The methodology developed proposes an approach based on the AHP multi-criteria decision support method for decision-makers and stakeholders to prioritize and select projects in the health sector. The problem was modeled using the Expert Choice software which allows a good “integration of the decision-maker” in the decision-making process making it possible to intervene in the research and decisions to identify the most efficient and potentially profitable health projects that are useful to the community.

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Akhrouf, M., & Derghoum, M. (2023). The USE OF A MULTI-CRITERIA DECISION SUPPORT MODEL BASED ON THE AHP METHOD FOR THE SELECTION OF HEALTH INFRASTRUCTURE PROJECTS. International Journal of the Analytic Hierarchy Process, 15(1).


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Project selection, Health infrastructure projects, multi-criteria decision support, multi-criteria Hierarchy method, AHP decision making, AHP, ExpertChoice Software

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