Published Dec 15, 2013
Valerio Salomon Aleksandr Zinoviev Olga Zinovieva


On August 2013, the British office of John Wiley & Sons published Alessio Ishizaka’s and Philippe Nemery’s “Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis: methods and softwareâ€. This book has many similarities to “Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis: state of the art surveys†edited by Jose Figueira, Salvatore Greco and Matthias Ehrgott for Springer, 2005. That is, it brings concepts and procedures for several MCDA methods, as AHP, ELECTRE, and MAUT, to name a few. The first great difference between these two works relies in the authorship. Alessio Ishizaka and Philippe Nemery wrote their whole book (with only one exception for DEA’s chapter, which was written by Jean-Marc Huguenin). Jose Figueira, Salvatore Greco and Mathias Ehrgott just edited the contributions from several coauthors. For instance, Jose Figueira along with Vincent Mossou and Bernard Roy, wrote the chapter on ELECTRE methods; the chapter on AHP was written by Thomas Saaty. This main difference brings two consequences we will focus on in this review. The first consequence is about uniformity; the second consequence is that some contents on the book are, let us write, based on authors’ opinion.



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Analytic Hierarchy Process, Multi-criteria decision analysis

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